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Lifting systems

To help operators to lift reels, we propose 3 types of lifting system, to better fit customers needs.

Pneumatic lift

Our tailored-made solution to lift unwinder reels in the fastest and easiest way.

Just push the reel up to the lift bucket, activate the pneumatic elevation to the desired height and push inside, to put the reel in the unwinder mandrel with totally no efforts!

Electric lift movements

The most versatile solution to handle reels.

The lift system is electric with a powerful battery that allows to use it all day long, not just for Labeltech machines but for all the machines in the plant.
Other useful skill that distinguish this device is the axe rotation: with a simple movement, it's possible to turn the reel from vertical to horizontal and vice-versa, the perfect leverage balance make this operation duable with no efforts.
Due to its lifting height(available in 2 versions: 1,5 or 2mt), it's suitable also for unload rewinder reels.

Demo Video electric reel lifter Heavy Duty


Electric advantages with a competitive price

This device combine the advantages of the electrical lifting and turnpile device with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Practical and easy to handle allows to lift loads with maximum weight of 150 kg to a height of mm. 1500 mm.
The small size and light weight makes it suitable in shops, workshops, offices, kitchens, etc..
The battery 24 V-12 Ah. maintenance free, combined with a robust motor and electronic control with overload
protection ensures safe and reliable operation. The battery charger is integrated.
It can mount several terminal accessories for lifting and rotation of reels (turnpile, shaft, platform..)

demo video with V tray
demo video with turnpile

Manual lift Manual lift animated MANUAL REEL LIFT TROLLEY

Our "easy" solution at a low cost initial investiment and maintenance.

This trolley permits to handle reels all day long without any supply or recharge, thanks to the manual crank handle with a gear ratio at the right compromise between lifting speed and effort.
The big rear wheels and the light weight allow a fast handling, the safety clutch and the movement brake help the reel transfer operations.
Instead of chain or steel cable, the tough load strap assures no-maintenance and cleanness.

Demo Video manual reel lift trolley

With our lift devices gamma we try to provide the right product for the specific need.

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