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NEWS 2014 - 2013

gpradella New installation at Gafiche Pradella

Italian label printer Grafiche Pradella based in Mazzo di Valtellina (SO), has improved his high technology labels production with the installation of a Labeltech IT450 finishing machine , equipped with waste rewinder and a E+L Nyscan 100% inspection system.

Get ready for a 2014 full of innovations from LABELTECH

Thought 2013 was epic for LABELTECH? Wait until you see what’s coming in 2014!
2013 has been for LABELTECH a year of celebrations and changes.
The company celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the first slitter rewinder finishing machine IT350/450 with a completely renovated version and the launch of the new die-cutting machine , EIGER.
"We moved to a larger and more technologically advanced headquarter to streamline our production and strengthened our sales and after-sales network by appointing new agents all around the globe.
Labelexpo Europe 2013 was a tremendous success, we registered a record number of sales and we are now introducing our products in new markets."
said Ilaria Fenino, Labeltech sales manager
"Our aim for 2013 was to provide the best products with the greatest service possible, we reached it and we will not stop increasing it in 2014." so Eng. Gabriele D'Onofrio, Labeltech general manager
(Full speech available here )
Launch of new products, invest in improving machines and services, focus on meeting the production needs of customers, expand sales and after-sales network presence, increase sustainable practices: 2014 will see the continuation of these trends and even more so.
LABELTECH's 2014, a year full of innovations.

Polygraphinter Russia
Labeltech @ Polygraphinter 2013 - Moscow

Nov 2013: Prisma K, Labeltech official partner for russian market is exhibiting at the Polygraphinter Russia 2013, International Exhibition for Printing Equipment, Technologies, Materials and Services, at hall 3 booth B401. Another great opportunity to collect informations about our slitter/rewinder and other Labeltech products.
The exibithion take place at "Crocus Expo" IEC, from 12 to 15 November 2013. Come and join us there! !

Labelexpo Oct 2013: Labelexpo Europe 2013 was a tremendous success for LABELTECH, we are extremely satisfied with the interest shown and the record number of sales leads taken” so Ilaria Fenino LABELTECH’s sales manager.
This year’s Labelexpo Europe was especially significant to LABELTECH as the company celebrates 10 years of the IT350/450 slitter rewinder inspection machine introducing innovations, the response was amazing!
The upgraded version of the inspection system Furu, now FURUPLUS has been enthusiastically appreciated by visitors : “the double counter and inspection function for labels with different size and format printed on the same roll is the solution we were waiting for!”.
The LABELTECH’s usability has been improved with a new user friendly icon graphic for the 11” touch screen, customers and potential ones enjoyed the easiness of use and all the latest evolutions made for the LABELTECH’s after sale support that, together with reliability, are always flagships for Labeltech.
Database connection, Remote live assistance and the new Labeltech Manager App are provided to enhance the customer experience allowing him to gain the most benefits by making the best use of the machine and to solve needs or problems efficiently.
“The launch of our new die cut to register unit EIGER excited visitors from over 25 countries; we had an excellent feedback and a lot of smashing comments!" eng. Gabriele D’Onofrio LABELTECH’s general manager
Eiger’s strength has been praised by visitors who have been also inspired by its versatility, most of them came to the booth several times asking for tailor made solutions , that’s exactly what LABELTECH wants to offer to its clients.
The energy recovery obtained in both machines from the use of servo motorizations is one of the machines qualities that most electrified visitors.
Thank you for your visit!

Rotograf Awesome affluence at LABELTECH’s LABELEXPO STAND 6F122

Sept 2013: Labeltech inaugurates the first days with awesome affluence.
The "wow factor" of Labeltech's stand 6F122 is the EIGER die cut to register unit, its high technology, versatility and usability really impress visitors! Join Labeltech's staff and participate to a live demonstrations!
"Sold sign" has been put up Labeltech's slitter/rewinder, the fully-equipped Labeltech IT450 slitter/rewinder inspection machine provided with the brand new FuruPlus system will join the equipment portfolio of ROTOGRAF VARESE, a leader among Italian label printers . Customers and potential ones are enthusiastically testing and appreciating the new user friendly icon graphic for the 11” touch screen.
Be the next to try it!

LabeltechStand6F122Labelexpo- 15days to LABELEXPO, VISIT US AT STAND 6F122

Sept 2013: he countdown is started, less than 15 days to the greatest label show, LABELEXPO Brussels Expo 24 to 27 Sept. 2013 At its booth 6F122 LABELTECH will present the new die-cut to register machine EIGER : a full rotary unit that can work in-line (fed by a printing/coating machine) or off-line (with its own unwinder). As per Labeltech tradition, all movements are provided by electronic motors, requiring less maintenance and less air consumption. This unit integrates a web guide and the FURU MMLD system. LABELTECH celebrates the 10th anniversary of its slitter/rewinder displaying a fully-accessorized IT450 inspection-machine that mounts the new FuruPlus MMLD inspection system, which integrates specific functions designed for wine&packaging labels. This device integrates a dual counter that permits to rewind 2 different label quantity on the 2 machine rewinders and an advanced MMLD system that can detect automatically different sized labels and reveal missing/matrix also on this particular kind of jobs.
Visit us at LABELEXPO, STAND 6F122 and discover more!

10years LABELTECH celebrates 10 years of its IT350/450 slitter-rewinder inspection machine

David Pittmann, Labels & Labeling, reports 10 successfully years of the IT350/450 slitter rewinder by visiting INDET one of the major Italian label printer with three decades of experience in the production of self-adhesive labels. INDET has been a customer of Cds Italia and now of Labeltech and 10 years on has invested in Labeltech's latest finishing and converting equipments. Read the full article "The genesis of Labeltech"

FuruPlus LABELTECH launches a new MMLD inspection system FURU PLUS for wine and beverage concieved with Tipolitografia MP

Label printer Tipolitografia MP based in Alba, Italy has improved his high technology labels production with the installation of a Labeltech IT350 finishing machine , equipped with dual rewinder, waste rewinder and the new device FuruPlus “We were searching for an inspection machine able to count and inspect labels with different size printed on the same roll, thanks to the tailor–made solution offered by Labeltech, we can now optimize the production by printing front and rear labels on the same roll and reduce the setup and work time thanks to the automatic label format detection functions. Labeltech staff listened to our special production request and together we developed the FuruPlus system“ explained Mr. Maurizio Pelassa, G.M. of Tipolitografia MP.
After this successful experience, the FuruPlus functions are now integrated in all the Furu MMLD systems installed on new Labeltech rewinders. FuruPlus will be officially presented at Labelexpo 2013. More details in our product page

FacilityLABELTECH moved to a new facility to streamline his label inspection/rewinders production and to expand in order to better meet the increasing client requests

Feb 2013: “We are all very excited to expand to a new and larger facility.” revealed Ilaria Fenino Labeltech’s sales manager “The relocation will improve our production and support our continuing growth.”
The new building provides more space for a larger warehouse, a more technologically advanced workshop and a modern and bigger office area in response to our additional staff members.
“This new facility is equipped with all the most state-of-the-art tools, machineries and devices, I’m sure this will boost innovation and productivity of our company.” Gabriele D’Onofrio Labeltech’s general manager, added .
LABELTECH’s new location is in Castano Primo (MI), even easier to be reached as it’s just a few kilometers from Milan International Airport and right on the main highways.

Please note LABELTECH’s new address and phone number:
Via per Turbigo 17, 20022 Castano Primo (MI), Italy Tel.: +39 0331 882289. All email addresses will remain the same