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Facility ABOUT US

Born 40 years ago as a company specialized in industrial-automation, since 10 years LABELTECH takes care of the electronic and software development of IT350/450/550 slitter/rewinder machines, of which has acquired the complete design and production in January 2011 from CDS Italia.

LABELTECH ensures to his customers an efficient high-performance machine and an accurate and relevant support by dedicating specialized resources to the R&D and to the study of upgrades for the existing machines.


LABELTECH believes that customization is the key to reach client's requirements at the lowest cost, so instead of several models with different uses and performances, LABELTECH offers just one general purpose base model at the state of the art for both paper and plastic film support, and a wide range of accessories.

The "CLIENT FIRST" philosophy

Customers are the biggest resource of a company, so the main goals of LABELTECH are to support customers through the label finishing process by listening to their specific production needs to enhance the customer experience allowing him to gain the most benefits by making the best use of the machine to solve needs or problems fast and efficiently.


The advantage of being born as an electronic company leads LABELTECH to a natural predisposition to innovation and skilled use of new technologies, allowing LABELTECH to develop products that are always more efficient and to be able to implement tailor made solutions for the customer.