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NEWS 2012 - 2011

LabelexpoUsa Successful participation at Labelexpo Americas 2012 comes with another great goal: an agreement for a spare part service in USA

Sept 12: Labelexpo Americas has been a great opportunity for LabelTech to expand its market overseas.
Thanks to its partnership with PC Industries (Chicago based North American leader in 100% inspection), who hosted a LabelTech IT350 inspection rewinder in their booth, a lot of interesting contacts have been made.
Satisfied PC Industries clients, agents, potential customers and resellers appreciate the performance of the integrated IT350 rewinder and Guardian PQV 100% inspection system.
The combination of systems is compact, and features quick and easy set-up, seamless integration, and the most up-to-date technology.
LabelTech and PC Industries are also partnering to offer faster, more streamlined support for systems on both the American and European continents. Each company will now carry both LabelTech and PC Industries' parts in stock to help reduce shipping time and costs and avoid customs delays.

New equipment for the slitter/rewinder, a new full servo drive rotary die cut to register unit

Labeltech presents a new equipment for its Slitter Rewinder, a new full servo drive die cut to register unit for neutral and printed web that supports up to 2 die cut units to work on both web sides. Our FURU MMLD system is integrated to reduce web waste and dead time to the minimum.

Labeltech launchs EasyTens system: the easiest way to control the rewinding tension

Labeltech improves the performance and the usability of its machines with EasyTens.
Several delicates jobs need not only a constant rewinding tension but also something more.
A tighter tension on the external belt or a proportional increasing tension can be useful to avoid reel slips, also a softer tension at a specific diameter can be required as well.
Select one tension profile between the existents or create a new one up to your requirements.
You can store as much profiles as you want and edit them every time you need.
Draw your own tension curve is very simple: just drag it with your finger and the task is done.
Have a look at our EasyTens demonstration video and discover how EasyTens is really the easiest way to change the narrow web rewinding tension and how it makes your work easier.
This system is integrated in all our new IT350/450 inspection machines and can be installed on the old ones with a machine upgrade.


With the integration on an Arpeco Tracker Premier, the versatility of FURU MMLD inspection system has reached his maximum expression.
It took 1 day for mechanical and electrical installation, then another day for software integration and a brief training for complete the integration of FURU MMLD inspection system on a damaged Arpeco Tracker Premier at a big label converting company in Milan that already owns a top gamma CDS Labeltech IT550 inspection table.
The system installed consists in a new 5.4" color touch screen that perfectly fits in the former display hole and the fiber optic system that substitute the old fotocels.
This system integrates the classic FURU characteristics (missing label, matrix and flag detection, stroboscope trigger, automatic calibration) with the additional functions of label and meter counter, recipe selection, USB software upgrade.
The application results satisfied completely the client's expectations, the machine works at more than 300m/min with all the traditional Tracker Premier and the new FURU features combined toghether to get better performances and extend the old machine life.
More details in our product page

Labelexpo 2011
Excelent debut at Labelexpo Europe 2011

Oct 2011: Our first time at Labelexpo Erurope, with the new company name, exceeded our expectations.
It was the perfect chance to introduce ourselves, to meet existing customers and to create new business opportunities. Our customized inspection and finishing machine awakened a huge interest.
We launched our innovative inspection system, Furu, based on fiber optics that received a very encouraging feedback from our visitors.
Thanks to the several inputs collected from end users, we are already developing new product ideas.
Have a look at our interview taken during Labelexpo