Light and versatile reel lifter

Light Duty

Practical and easy to handle, the small size and light weight makes it suitable in shops, workshops, offices, kitchens, etc..

The battery 24 V-12 Ah. maintenance free, combined with a robust motor and electronic control with overload protection ensures safe and reliable operation. The battery charger is integrated.

Technical Data

  • Available models
    – Manual lifting 1500mm, 150Kg
    – Electric lifting 1500mm, 150Kg
    – Electric lifting 2000mm, 100Kg

  • Movement manual

  • Weight 60 kg

  • Lifting speed
    – 30 mm/handle turn(average)
    – 26 sec/1500mm
    – 34 sec/2000mm

  • Available optionals
    – Wheeled shaft with end stop
    – V shaped tray parallel to forks
    – V shaped tray perpendicular to forks
    – Reel turner (max 50Kg – diameter 550mm, lifting height decreased of 300mm from lifter characteristics)