Manual roll lifter


Compact and manouvrable lifter with big rear wheels and lightweithg structur that makes it very quick and easy to handle, bears an automatic cluch system and wheel brake. Thanks to the 50mm wide load strap, the lifter is free of maintenance

Technical Data

  • Load capacity  120 kg
  • Max lift height 1100 mm
  • Trolley weight 25 kg
  • Lifting speed 70 mm per winch turn
  • Rear wheels 200 mm
  • Front wheels 50mm 360° turn
  • Structure Galvanized finish suitable for clean environments
  • Fork length 400 mm
  • Fork space 310 mm
  • Brake system Parking brake on both rear wheels
  • Feet high 83 mm
  • Lifting 50 mm wide load strap instead of steel cable or chain